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My favorite time of the year!

pine-boughThe holiday season is upon us and the cool crisp days of October went by so quickly they were a blur.
As you know, I have been traveling about, doing art shows and expos for most of the year. It’s been a great time, trying new venues and meeting new people.
As winter approaches the shows are slowing down. Time to start teaching and seeing clients again.
I’m still traveling from place to place, no space yet, so I can come to you. I will be offering private classes, card reading parties, and pamper your inner goddess evenings.
Also, be looking for the Community Ed calendar for the winter as I will be teaching more classes there.
I will be announcing events on my website and newsletter as they are planned.
Thank you all so much for your support and I look forward to seeing you this holiday season!!
Warmest Blessings!


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Transitions, transformation, and changes are happening everywhere.

May is a 5 month. Five is about change. 2016 is a 9 year. Nine is all about wrapping things up, endings, letting go of what no longer serves you.

I have been observing changes for so many people this year. Change is always good. We may not realize it when we are going through it, but when we look back it is usually not with regret, but with gratitude for the change that we now realize was well needed.

Sometimes we’re faced with a change that we know is well needed but resist. We resist that change with all of our being. When that happens, the Universe will usually step in and make sure that we stay on track with it. If we resist even more, then life becomes a real challenge. I have learned to go with the flow and accept change as a good thing.

Sometimes we think we know what we need. We follow our ego selves. Live with so many what if’s instead of why nots. When we let go and follow our hearts magic happens! When we step into the life we are meant to live we are fully supported in every way.

Speaking of change (one more time!) I have made some big ones this year. My knees are still shaking! I let go of the healing center and am finally (after much resistance!!) following my true call as an artist and a muse. Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts will become Mystical Deva, after my new line of jewelry I have been working on. I am enjoying traveling to art shows, expos and farmers markets. I will also be doing card readings at various venues, over the phone or via email and I am offering card reading or jewelry making parties. I can also throw my Reiki table or biofeedback equipment in my trunk to make “house calls!” It truly is turning out to be the “Summer of the Traveling Muse.”

I will also be working with animals more, healing and communication. More about that in the very near future.

Thank you everyone for your support. Much gratitude and love to you all.




As one door closes, many more open!

red door

As one door closes,
many more open!

It is with a joyful and heavy heart that we are closing the doors to Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts on May 1st.  While I am feeling both joy and sadness I am not feeling any regrets!
It has been a wonderful year. A great year of learning. Learning what works and what does not. What my gifts are and what they are not. I have always wanted to help people, to provide them with a place to come together for healing and learning, sharing and playing. I hope that we have provided that.
Together we have started laying the foundation for a spiritual community, it is there for someone to step in and pick up where we left off.
I will be pursuing more of the creative aspects of my life’s purpose. Still helping people to heal and still teaching, but more sharing of myself, of my art. My two greatest gifts are creativity and inspiration. I love to create and inspire. Finishing out 2016 I will be traveling more. I will be doing more art shows and expos and getting back to the basics. I will have more time for painting and writing, two of my greatest loves!
So this will be the year of the “traveling muse”. I will keep the name Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts for now, but be watching for something totally new to come!
For now, I wish every one of you much peace and joy!
May Awen be with you!